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Why Bare Metal Servers Are Profitable for Retail

Cascade Business News 20 Oct 2021
A bare metal server is a physical computer server that is used exclusively by one single customer, unlike cloud servers that are virtual and shared between multiple users. The user of a bare metal server directly regulates the server’s load and can set it up in any preferable way ... By using a bare metal server, you can eliminate that problem.

Firefighters settle lawsuit linked to deadly 2019 Farmington explosion

Bangor Daily News 20 Oct 2021
of South Paris and Techno Metal Post Maine in Manchester ... Brown and Techno Metal Post of Maine wree “directly and vicariously negligent” through their employees, according to the Lewiston newspaper ... Brown, LEAP and Techno Metal Post of Maine.

Copper price surges through $11,000 on supply squeeze

Mining Dot Com 19 Oct 2021
CASH copper on the London Metal Exchange also soared to a new record high overnight ... Copper’s short-term direction will depend on whether high premiums bring more metal into LME warehouses, alleviating the supply squeeze, said independent analyst Robin Bhar.

Syrian oil refineries polluting the Mediterranean

The New Arab 19 Oct 2021
Exposure to contaminated seawater can pose "health risks" for humans, while the "accumulation of heavy metals in the marine environment" can have an effect on humans who consume local fish ... Notably, the leak occurred directly adjacent to local fisheries.

VIDEO: Colorado Business Offers ‘Water Cremation,’ a Green Alternative

Pagosa Daily Post 19 Oct 2021
This article by Alexis Kikoen appeared on Rocky Mountain PBS on October 5, 2021. Let’s talk about death. “It’s really a western culture thing, this death denial,” says Emily Nelson ... We’re not ... “The decedent gets loaded directly into this vessel,” says Nelson, motioning to a large cylindrical metal tube behind her ... Other items are safely recycled ... .

Using e-cigarettes to prevent smoking relapse doesn't work well, study finds

Henry Herald 19 Oct 2021
The US Surgeon General says vapes can contain "ultrafine particles that can be inhaled deep into the lungs, flavorants such as diacetyl, a chemical linked to serious lung disease, volatile organic compounds and heavy metals, such as nickel, tin, and lead.".

Sierra Metals Reports Third-Quarter 2021 Production Results, Expecting to Meet Low End of Revised Annual ...

Cadillac News 18 Oct 2021
Sierra Metals Inc ... SMTS) ("Sierra Metals" or "the Company") is pleased to report third-quarter 2021 production results ... Results are from Sierra Metals' three underground mines in Latin America ... For direct comparison, the 9-month copper equivalent production calculated at same metal prices is 82 million pounds ... About Sierra Metals. Sierra Metals Inc.

Blue Box Studios Asks Gamers To Stop Sending Death Threats, Please

Kotaku 18 Oct 2021
Over the last few months, gamers have theorized that Blue Box Game Studios and its upcoming horror game Abandoned are somehow connected to or directly affiliated with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and or Konami, the publisher behind Silent Hill and MGS.

Chemical Insights Research Institute of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Expands with Dr. Christa Wright to Lead ...

The Marshall News Messenger 18 Oct 2021
Chan School of Public Health focused on linking exposures of particles released from nano-enabled products to toxicology and genotoxicity of engineered metal nanomaterials will be an asset to the Toxicology Center’s current and future directives.

Astronomers catch a white dwarf turning itself on and off for the first time

TechRadar 18 Oct 2021
Most famously, Saturn's rings are a form of accretion disk, as is the disk surrounding the supermassive black hole in the heart of the galaxy M87, which was the first black hole ever directly imaged back in 2019. Supernova shoots a dying star made of metal out of Milky Way at ...

Tens of Thousands Demonstrate in Rome Against Neo-Fascists

Voa News 17 Oct 2021
The head of the CGIL union confederation, Maurizio Landini, led the protest with other labor leaders under the slogan. "Never again fascism." ... Some participants waved flags reading "Si Vax," a direct retort to the protesters armed with sticks and metal bars who trashed CGIL's Rome headquarters on Oct. 9 ... This is the topic.'' ... .

‘Havana syndrome’ attacks reveal US adversaries may have dangerous intel

The Jerusalem Post 17 Oct 2021
Experts believe that microwave energy, apparently directed, concentrated and aimed at the victims could be responsible ... These sometimes were accompanied by an unidentified ‘piercing directional noise’ that sounded as if metal was being scraped across a floor.” 24 diplomats were affected.

Jamie Dimon keeps blasting Bitcoin as 'worthless' — try these 3 safe havens instead

Yahoo Daily News 16 Oct 2021
But you can get a piece of them by using a stock trading app that allows you to buy fractions of shares with as much money as you are willing to spend.Precious Metals ... Precious metals — particularly gold and silver — have helped investors preserve their purchasing power for centuries ... The most direct way to play precious metals is to own bullion.

Tens of thousands demonstrate in Rome against fascism

Al Jazeera 16 Oct 2021
The head of the CGIL labour union, Maurizio Landini, led the protest on Saturday under the slogan. “Never again fascism.” ... Some participants waved slogans in favour of coronavirus vaccines, a direct retort to the protesters armed with sticks and metal bars who trashed CGIL’s Rome headquarters on October 9 ... [Remo Casilli/Reuters] ... .

UK lawmaker's murder called terrorism as safety review is ordered

Finger Lakes Times 16 Oct 2021
LONDONU.K ... A 25-year-old U.K ... “I think we all should.”. MPs could be advised to limit meetings with constituents to Parliament, where visitors must pass through a metal detector. However, moves to scale back direct contact with voters may be greeted with dismay by some politicians who relish the opportunity for face-to-face meetings ... .